The firm

Mohr Avocats

Mohr Avocats is one of a kind. Not only because of the languages, but we also employ the “Dutch” way of operating.

Method of operation

Proactive approach

A comment we often receive about ‘the French lawyer’ is their lack of a proactive approach. Relating to the fact that the employees of Mohr Avocats have worked in the Netherlands and/or have grown up surrounded by Dutch culture, they understand the expectations of Dutch clients. They take the lead and actively involve you in the handling of your case.

Personal involvement

At Mohr Avocats we value a personal approach, as well as transparency in relation to the approach and progress, and open contact with our clients. We want to help our clients the best way we can. Therefore, we work together with other law firms in case we do not sufficiently dispose of a certain expertise.

Orientation on results

For us the result of a legal issue is key, whether it concerns a single advice to a private client or lengthy proceedings for a business. We always search for a pragmatic solution to the legal problem.